Drug Testing? Do We Need It in the Workplace?

Marijuana becomes legal in Canada in 2018 and some have expressed concern over the fact that this will almost certainly increase the number of people doing things while impaired. Many people automatically think about driving, and operating a vehicle while high on pot is certainly not a good plan as your reaction time can be significantly reduced.

However, many business owners and supervisors are worried that employees will show up for work high and not be able to do tasks to the best of their abilities. Working in such a state can also lead to accidents for these people, their fellow employees, and members of the public.


So what is the solution? Drug testing is commonly done by some businesses in this country as a preventative measure. These include such procedures as the marijuana hair test, blood drug testing, and more. The idea is usually not doing this as a way of punishing people so much as a method of helping to prevent accidents.

So do we need drug testing in the workplace? If your job is something where a cannabis impairment is unlikely to produce any sort of harm, then probably not. However, if your vocational responsibility involves operating heavy machinery, then perhaps it is fair and valid for your employer to test workers. Personal rights are important, but these can sometimes be superseded by the safety of those around them and the public at large.

What is your take on this issue? Are you a pot consumer or do you plan to be when it becomes legal next year? If so, would you be offended if asked to take a drug test? Would you consider no longer working for an employer who insisted on such tests? Let us know in the Comments section!


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