Drug Testing? Do We Need It in the Workplace?

Marijuana becomes legal in Canada in 2018 and some have expressed concern over the fact that this will almost certainly increase the number of people doing things while impaired. Many people automatically think about driving, and operating a vehicle while high on pot is certainly not a good plan as your reaction time can be significantly reduced.

However, many business owners and supervisors are worried that employees will show up for work high and not be able to do tasks to the best of their abilities. Working in such a state can also lead to accidents for these people, their fellow employees, and members of the public.


So what is the solution? Drug testing is commonly done by some businesses in this country as a preventative measure. These include such procedures as the marijuana hair test, blood drug testing, and more. The idea is usually not doing this as a way of punishing people so much as a method of helping to prevent accidents.

So do we need drug testing in the workplace? If your job is something where a cannabis impairment is unlikely to produce any sort of harm, then probably not. However, if your vocational responsibility involves operating heavy machinery, then perhaps it is fair and valid for your employer to test workers. Personal rights are important, but these can sometimes be superseded by the safety of those around them and the public at large.

What is your take on this issue? Are you a pot consumer or do you plan to be when it becomes legal next year? If so, would you be offended if asked to take a drug test? Would you consider no longer working for an employer who insisted on such tests? Let us know in the Comments section!


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3 Major Benefits of Pre Employment Testing

Throughout the hiring process, employers try to learn as much about their potential employees as possible in a relatively short period of time. While past experience can give a reasonable scope of the candidate’s fit for a position, often it doesn’t give employers all the information they need.

multiple choice test

The importance of pre employment screening is becoming more and more prevalent to today’s employers; the evidence is in, and businesses that utilize the methods during their hiring process are seeing improved processes and quality hires. There are some major benefits to incorporating screening as a function of your candidate selection process.

1) It Highlights a Potential Employee’s Core Competencies

Many employers will often use screening in order to reveal and compare the aptitude of potential candidates for a particular job. For example, if you’re hiring for a management position and are comparing 3 relatively qualified individuals, you may want to examine their aptitude for leadership, organization, and more. Screening can help separate these candidates and ultimately indicate which one is most aligned to the requirements job.

2) It Provides Objectivity and Facilitates Equal Opportunity

So long as the testing is validated and comes from a reputable source, they can provide more objective information than a resume or an interview. Many individuals lie or provide misleading statements and qualifications on their resumes. Interviews in contrast, are extremely subjective and are difficult to keep free of bias. This testing is standardized for all applicants, providing objective, concrete results that are more easily compared.

3) It Saves Time and Money

In the long run, matching the best employee to the job will result in decreased rates of employee turnover, thus saving money in related training and re-hiring costs. Screening is also an economical solution in terms of time spent on hiring. As our world becomes more digital and job postings are predominantly online, it’s easier than ever to apply for a job. An online posting can easily get 100+ applicants, making resume review very time consuming in particular. It can significantly cut down on the time spent reviewing resumes, interviewing applicants and comparing candidates.

Overall, it’s well worth it for your business to check out pre employment testing and bring it into your human resources department. You’ll increase the quality of your employees, while dramatically streamlining your hiring process for your recruitment team.

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Secrets To Success

Have you always wondered how successful people got to where they are?  We got a chance to interview a successful CEO boss, Erica, who at the young age of 27 is already running an empire.  Read on to see her secrets to success.

What’s some advice you would give that you wish was given to you?

I’ve always wanted to tell young girls to never give up on something they believe in.  But they have to really believe in it.  It can’t be half-assed – that’s not going to work.  But let’s say you have a particular skill or a passion, you really have to want it and believe in yourself if it’s going to work.  And as a woman who started her company at a young age – I was 22 at the time – I always had people who kept telling me I wasn’t being realistic, that my “dream” was never going to become a reality.  That only pushed me to work harder.  It was also harder to get people to take you seriously especially if you’re a young woman.  Investors tend to trust older people, unrelated to whether you’re a male or female.  But being young AND a female, well that only made things harder for me.

Tell us about your morning routine.

birdI’m definitely an early bird.  I wasn’t until I started my company though.  In university, I would go to bed no earlier than 5 am and wake up generally after noon each day.  It was such a bad schedule, and I never got anything done.  Once I started my company, I learned the beauty of routine.  I usually wake up at 5 am now – huge 180 right?! – then do a hot yoga class, then I’ll come back home to shower and get ready.  After that I make myself breakfast and go through emails for about an hour to hour and a half.  Then I give myself plenty of time to get to work.  My morning routine really helps give me a bright start to the day because I love being up early and going through emails knowing nobody else is up.

What is your key to success?

I can’t give you one answer to that.  It’s a combination of  hard work, determination, luck and being in the right place at the right time.  The hard work and determination is obvious.  You can’t get anywhere without those qualities.  But you really want luck on your side.  Same with being in the right place at the right time.  That’s why I always tell people, if it fails, try again.  And then try again and try again.  If you keep trying, you’ll eventually end up in the right place at the right time.  Might take a couple months, might take 10 years.

Thank you for being with us and giving us the inside scoop, Erica!
No problem!  Anytime!  Thanks for having me.

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